How Important Are Your Most Active Gym Members?

by Andy Dunn

July 26, 2013 / Category: Fitness Community

006-LF-BishamAbbey-28June2011-D35_0635_mr.jpgA recent Sports Marketing survey asked a sample of gym members about their sports-related spending for 2012. Breaking the sample into three categories (‘active to a healthy standard’, ‘active but not to healthy standards’, and ‘sedentary’), the survey provided proof of a suspected but important correlation—active members spend more on sports equipment.

How much more? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Those described as ‘active to a healthy standard’ outspent those living ‘not to healthy standards’ by an average of nearly 22%. Those leading ‘sedentary’ lives were even farther behind, usually spending just a third of those living to healthy standards.

And while it may not be too shocking in terms of findings, it does reiterate the importance that participation plays in the success of fitness facilities. Members who are committed to their fitness not only will have a greater consistent need for equipment, they also provide great advertising to their friends and family. Enthusiasm is infectious, and the more effectively you can engender participation, the more you’ll see results.

Both for your members, and your gym.


% Spending in 2012 Survey

Sports clothing:

Active to a healthy standard: 65%

Active but not to healthy standards: 43%

Sedentary: 20%

Sports footwear:

Active to a healthy standard: 68%

Active but not to healthy standards: 46%

Sedentary: 20%

Sports Equipment:

Active to a healthy standard: 56%

Active but not to healthy standards: 35%

Sedentary: 19%


Source: Sports Marketing Survey

Andy Dunn