LFcodes: Work Out Like the Pros

by Veronica Korcz

July 11, 2013 / Category: Innovation

LFcodes_200x395.pngWe all know the key to a well-rounded workout regimen is muscle confusion, but what about when your confusion begins with how to properly use the equipment?

And since none of us wants to be “that guy” flailing around on a new piece of equipment, many of us shy away from giving them a shot.

But fear not, fellow exerciser, because now there’s an answer to your workout worries: LFcodes.

Developed as an extension of the LFconnect App, LFcodes are small, scannable QR codes placed directly on each piece of Signature Series strength equipment.  Once scanned, users have access to a variety of tools to help better target muscle groups and become the master of their gym. They include:

-          Access to workout demonstration videos, which educate the user on proper form to maximize results, and minimize the risk of workout-related injury.

-          Track calories burned through strength and cardio workouts. This saves you the hassle of re-entering your information every time you work out, and helps you keep those long-term goals within sight.

-          Share your results with your personal trainer. For times when they can’t be in the room with you, you can still keep them in the loop.

So if you’re craving a more varied workout without the fear of looking like a newbie, or even worse, causing injury due to incorrect usage, try integrating LFcodes into your routine.

You’ll be exercising like a pro in no time.

Veronica Korcz