You Text. You Run. You Lose.

by Lauren Kraft

April 07, 2012 / Category: Fun Side of Fitness

Here at Life Fitness we’ve seen a dangerous trend developing around the world that is a serious threat to public safety: texting and running.

At gyms all over the world text – tweet – and email-addicts are glued to their phones while running at a steady 5.2 mph on the treadmill. It’s multi-tasking spiraling out of control. Maybe you’re that person.

I’ll admit that a near brush with death while answering an email mid-stride was the inspiration for this post. 

Lauren thought she was cool, invincible and well-coordinated.

This is the text she was writing mid-run.

Was it worth it?

We’re not suggesting something as radical as banning cell phones from the gym. We know your workout mix and Virtual Trainer are important, but the texting must stop before more people are hurt.

At Life Fitness we are committed to your safety. We urge you to put down the phone and share this with friends, family and all gym rats you know.

Remember: Friends don’t let friends text and run.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Life Fitness blogging team.

No humans were harmed in the making of this blog post. 

Lauren Kraft