Signature Series Benches and Racks

Get as Much out of Your Equipment as you do out of Life

Some people demand more, and when they get it, they stay with it. Our Signature Series Benches and Racks are uniquely designed to deliver the performance features that experienced users insist on, without intimidating newer ones. The premium quality and design of these benches and racks seamlessly integrate with the other pieces of the Signature Series line to complete this family of superior strength-training products. Life Fitness Signature Series Benches and Racks combine the best in aesthetics, function and performance.

Signature Series Benches and Racks Highlights:


  • Approachable Designs

    An appealing design featuring large, oval tubing and contoured cushions creates an approachable yet robust appearance.

  • Optimal Results for Exercisers

    Designed to position the user in the optimal workout position to optimize results.

  • Durability Features

    Molded Urethane Protective Racking System and paint guards combine to protect against chipping and scratching while reducing noise, creating the durability you expect from Life Fitness.

  • Integrated and Organized

    An integrated, modular labeling system for plate and dumbbell storage keeps free weights, and your facility, organized.

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