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 Remote locations. Unique space requirements. The toughest men and women in the world surrounded by the most challenging terrain, elements and day-to-day operations. Put simply, the pressure to outfit military installations with durable and functional fitness equipment has never been greater. That's why Life Fitness and Hammer Strength have come forward to offer you state-of-the-art toughness for every location on the planet. With our #1 cardio and strength products, expert testing, renowned support, and global reach, we've got your back for the long haul.

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Our Customers Tell It Best: 

The Life Fitness team has always been an asset and an integral part of my success as a Fitness Maintenance Technician. Your service, advice and support have always been second to none.


Your equipment speaks for itself, with an average of 98 to 99.5% run to down time while enduring the constant abuse it receives 24 hours a day 365 days a year, in one of the harshest environments in the world.


The equipment never gets to rest because we never close, operate in a tent full of dust and dirt, and in temperature extremes during transit and storage. Thank you and your team for doing what you do.


Braundon Reinhold, MWR Forman, FOB Leatherneck, Dyncorp/LogcapIV, FPO, AE - 09372



Pictured: Rambler Fitness Center, Randolph Air Force Base - Universal City, TX

High-Performance Durability

Life Fitness and Hammer Strength have one goal: to get you the best fitness products on the market, and make sure they deliver anywhere in the world, every day of the year. We know the equipment must function in a variety of locations, from unique urban installations to remote forward operating bases. That's why Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are built to handle natural elements, heavy traffic and constant transit. In the end, we'll do whatever we can to help the best and brightest achieve their goals.



Premier Product

Whether it is our Elevation Series or Integrity Series cardio products, our Hammer Strength benches and racks, or our rugged group training systems like HD Elite, Life Fitness has the best fitness equipment on the planet. And by combining innovation, ease-of-use and durability, we make sure you have the strongest fitness products possible inside the wire.

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When crafting fitness centers in remote locations, it is crucial to meet the needs of both the unique terrain and the servicemen who occupy it. As a global company that does business with 120 countries, Life Fitness can handle orders both large and small, ship faster than anyone else, and assist you in creating the best customized solution for everyone involved.


Pictured: Sasebo Fitness Center - Nagasaki, Japan




GSA Pricing

Life Fitness offers GSA pricing and other special considerations that address your specific needs. To recieve our GSA price list and service seminar schedule, please email



Through a variety of  rigorous tests, we stress our products past the point of normal usage and ensure that even the most intense training environment doesn't make them flinch. 

The Bottom Line: Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are built to withstand transport, terrain and time. Through intricate computer analysis and robotic testing, we ensure that every product is tough enough to handle the most intense training regimen in most challenging conditions. And if you need assistance, we have 26 U.S. technical representatives and a 24-hour online parts ordering store. 

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Floor Space Doesn't Matter

Life Fitness provides the right layout for buildings of all sizes. We can put together a plan to convert a space as small as 500 square feet into a fitness area that everyone will want to use. Give us the specifications of your facility, and we'll provide the ideal solution.

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