Equipment Updates and Repairs

Equipment Updates and Repairs

We design our equipment to withstand the world’s toughest environments, but even so, sometimes things need a repair. Life Fitness fields the industry’s largest dedicated service team, with Life Fitness Field Technicians and certified service providers that are experts in getting repairs done right the first time. And dedication to service doesn’t stop there; we offer service seminars worldwide to help empower your team to take service into their own hands.

To find out more about Technical Support and Service Seminars, contact the Life Fitness Support line at 800-351-3737
  • Field Service Technicians

    Life Fitness Field Service Technicians

    We understand that holistic customer service means investing in improvements for every aspect of our service and support. With the largest dedicated service organization of any fitness manufacturer we are confident that our size and depth of knowledge allows us to handle your issue from first phone call to final fix.

  • In-House Diagnistics Lab

    In-House Diagnostics Lab

    Our Diagnostics Lab houses our team of electronics technicians that are experts at assessing problems and fixing our Life Fitness cardio products and consoles. Our level of service at providing the quickest and most accurate fix to your service issues is always shown by our commitment to fix things right the first time.

  • Service Seminars

    Service Seminars

    We’ll Train Your Team. It’s empowering to be able to handle things yourself. We’re big believers in owning the process around here and because our customers usually share our success-minded mindset about most things, we’re guessing you do too. We offer service seminars so you or your staff can learn more about maintaining and repairing the equipment on your floor.