Membership Sales Tools

Membership Sales Tools

We understand selling memberships or promoting your facility to prospective exercisers is critical to your success. That's why Life Fitness wants to help you maximize your equipment investment, by giving you the tools to promote your equipment and it benefits, and give you unique ways to distinguish your facility. Things like the Life Fitness Journey Concept and unique workout tools like Life Fitness Virtual Trainer website. And staff education tools, so your trainers and staff can highlight allthe features that help sell the equipments benefits - and ultimately those of your club - to prospective members.


  • Tour Guide

    Tour Guide Program

    Educate your membership sales staff on how to effectively promote your investment in Life Fitness and Hammer Strength products with our Tour Guide program. This unique manual teaches your staff how to highlight the features and benefits of your equipment to prospective members to uniquely position your facility and your equipment.

    Contact the Life Fitness Marketing Department to find out more about our exciting new product education program.

  • Life Fitness Virtual Trainer

    Life Fitness Virtual Trainer Website

    The Virtual Trainer Web Site is an online tool that communicates with our consoles via USB device, helping exercisers stay committed to their workout. Virtual Trainer helps exercisers understand the benefits of the many Life Fitness developed workouts available on our consoles. It also ensures real time accountability through easy-to-use, customized workout programs. Exercisers can also view their goal-specific accomplishments online, and celebrate their successes on their fitness journey.

    Visit the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer Website to learn more about this exciting new interactive fitness tool.

  • Life Fitness Journey

    Life Fitness Journey

    Life Fitness Journey™ is a user-focused approach to facility layout in which exercise products are throughtfully positioned to create a varied set of experiences for exercisers of all fitness levels. Life Fitness Journey taps into what motivates people to stay on their exercise path and creates an environment that will set your facility apart. With knowledge gained from over 30 years working with customers with different types of fitness facilities Life Fitness has identified over 20 key destinations that can help deliver a rewarding exerciser experience.

    Known as Life Fitness Journey Spaces, these areas contain strategically selected and thoughtfully positioned fitness equipment and can feature compelling visuals that help to promote exercise variety, progression and social interaction.To learn more about Life Fitness Journey and see other facilities that have succeeded with this exciting new concept Click Here.

  • Product Education Videos

    Product Education Videos

    Instruction and application videos on many of our most popular Life Fitness and Hammer Strength products are available to view on our YouTube Channel or on the product pages at These videos will not only help your staff learn proper usage and safety on the equipment, but will equip them with the tools to effectively describe and promote the key features and benefits of each line to your exercisers.

    Launch our YouTube Channel to view hundreds of instructional and application videos on our most popular products.