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VECTOR Resistance Training

Versatile resistance training offers dynamic and scalable exercises. VECTOR provides the option of resistance cable exercises in studio classes, outdoor boot camps, and other places throughout a facility. Multiple VECTORs can be used simultaneously to create dynamic full-body movements with specific dialed-in resistance.

A carabiner and cinch loop conveniently attach each VECTOR to a properly rated anchor point. It can be easily stored when not in use.

Two Training Options

VECTOR accessories add hundreds of exercise options, giving you the ability to target specific muscles, areas of the body and nature movements.
Designed For Smaller Spaces

VECTOR45 Training Kit

Up to 45” (114 cm) of pull length. Includes: VECTOR45 (preloaded with light tube kit), 10-piece heavy tube kit, handles (2), thigh strap, cinch loop, door...
Longer Range Of Motion

VECTOR60 Training Kit

Up to 60” (152 cm) of pull length. Includes: VECTOR60 (preloaded with light tube kit), 10-piece heavy tube kit, handles (2), thigh strap, cinch loop, door...
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Adjustable Tension With the Turn of a Dial

VECTOR Resistance Cables include reinforced Kevlar fiber to reduce snap-back risk. These cables are easily removed and replaced, and their resistance can be adjusted in intervals from 10 to 100 (4.5 to 45 kg) pounds to accommodate users of all fitness levels. Varying tensions can be applied by simply turning the cap to the desired resistance level. Each VECTOR unit can work for almost anyone.


Individual or Group Training

The VECTOR resistance cable system is ideal for use by individual exercisers. It can also be used in a vibrant and challenging group training session when attached to SYNRGY units or HD Athletic rigs and racks. Each participant can use their own VECTOR throughout the workout, with exercises led by a group trainer.

VECTOR App for iOS & Android

The VECTOR App provides an initially free collection of workouts and exercises designed to build range of motion, strength and endurance for your exercisers.
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