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7 Tips for Staying Hydrated

We’ve heard for years that eight glasses of water daily is the minimum necessary to keep healthy. Drink the minimum and see clearer skin, better sleep, and a faster metabolism. We’re warned of impending dehydration without at least eight glasses. But, the tide has turned, away from liquid nutrition toward examining your daily diet, including what you eat, as well as what you drink. Here are seven tips for staying hydrated:

  1. How much water you need depends upon your weight, activity and the climate. If it’s hot, and you’re exercising, then you’ll surely need more water than when you’re sitting at a computer all day.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables add fluid to your diet. Lettuce is 97 to 98 percent water, as is watermelon. Other good "fluid sources" include carrots, (88 percent water), fresh tomatoes (93 percent water), and fresh celery (94 percent water).
  3. Since cooking vegetables decreases the fluid content, eat a big, fresh salad every day, and at least two servings each of fruit and other vegetables.
  4. Age may dictate your need for water because as you get older, you are less sensitive to body losses and your sense of thirst.
  5. Clinical evidence shows that people with a history of kidney stones can lower their risk of reoccurrence by increasing their fluid intake.
  6. Don’t be afraid of tap water. Municipal water companies produce high quality products and have more stringent regulations than bottled water. So try to bring a water bottle with you so you can fill up throughout the day.
  7. In terms of weight loss, drinking water will not cause you to lose weight, it is a great tool to help when you’re on a program to lose weight. Drinking water between meals can help curb your appetite, as will snacking on water-filled fresh vegetables and fruit.

Finally, if you find plain water a bit boring, consider adding some lemon or lime slices to make it go down easier.

Holly Aglialoro

Fitness Enthusiast and Guest Blogger