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Hard Work Pays Off

We are excited to introduce Mike Z. Robinson as a featured Cybex blog contributor. Mike is the owner of MZR Fitness in San Luis Obispo, CA where his clients include numerous individuals from all walks of life. Mike was just recently honored as the 2015 IDEA Health & Fitness Association's Personal Trainer of the Year. Here, Mike talks a little about the journey to winning this award and his motivation to strive for further success now that he's won.


I can remember very distinctly that when I first got involved with IDEA back in 2008, I promised myself that I would win the IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year award by the time that I turned 35 years old and I was fortunate enough to achieve that goal this year at the age of 34 after being a finalist in 2012 and 2013!

As a Fitness Professional, we obviously don’t do what we do every day for the accolades and notoriety but at the same time, it's an incredible and indescribable feeling to stand at the podium in front of your peers accepting the industry’s top award. I’m still on cloud 9!

As I’m standing there looking at the crowd, I started to think about how it all began for me.

Where It All Began

I thought about how my best friend and I promised ourselves when we were 16 years old that we would open a gym together before the age of 30 and although he went a different route over the years, I reached that goal solo by the age of 28 years when I created MZR Fitness.

I opened my gym right in the midst of one of the worst economies that the country has ever seen back in 2009 and although so many people told me not to do it, I believed in myself and I was young enough where I felt that I had nothing to lose in a worst case scenario so I went for it. I feel truly fortunate to be able to live out my dreams every day when I drive to my facility. When I see the words “MZR Fitness” on the outside of the building, I feel extremely humbled.

Support is critical to success

I share all of the above with you because I have some AMAZING people in my life that inspire me every day to keep pushing myself and growing as not only as a Personal Trainer/Gym Owner but also as a person. My support system is the best in the world and it includes family, friends, peers, my community, and everyone that is affiliated with MZR Fitness. Their support is what motivates me to not only want to be great in this fitness industry but also be iconic.

Since winning the IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year award, I feel a huge obligation to live up to the title. I feel an even bigger obligation to provide MORE value to my clients as I do my best to educate and inspire them to maximizing their fitness experiences and reaching all of their goals. My clients don’t want me to be average and I don’t want to be average either so its up to me to keep pushing their limits as well as my own.

I’m still very hungry for success and will keep going H.A.M. until my heart stops pumping!

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