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Improve Cardio and Develop Strength

Previously, we shared with you an introductory workout from the Cybex Workout Center designed to help you develop confidence in key weight loss movements. The purpose of that workout was to get you familiar with movements that you will need to master in order to progress through the other programming in this series. Once you're ready, move on to the second level in the weight loss category.


Train to Improve

This program is the second of four in the weight loss series. It is meant to keep your cardiovascular rate high and to develop strength. A total body workout, it uses supersets and shortened rest periods. As you get better at this workout, increase the weight used, or add an additional set to the first exercise in each block.


Improve Cardio and Develop Strength

  • Equipment: Cybex Eagle NX Line (Leg Press, Chest Press, Row), Cybex Arc Trainer, dumbbells, box
  • Total Time: Approximately 30-45 minutes
  • Tip: Use a weight that feels heavy, but that you can still move quickly

Each superset should completely fatigue the targeted muscle group. Weight should be moderate, but the lack of rest and higher reps will keep it challenging. Do your best to power through these movements while maintaining control and learning to master them. Success at this level will help you prepare for the next workout in the series.

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