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Interval Training Key 3 Customize Your Offering and Maximize Member Satisfaction Hero

Interval Training Key #3 Customize Your Offering and Maximize Member Satisfaction

Perhaps the best thing about interval training is its inherent versatility at addressing different kinds of fitness needs. You can fine-tune four different parameters for the optimal exercise experience:

  1. Number of reps
  2. Level of intensity
  3. Duration of intense activity
  4. Length of recovery period

As a result, there’s almost no limit to the variety of possible training sessions. If you can imagine a type of session that would appeal to a specific group of members, you can feel free to create it.

No one knows your members or your market like you do. You’re the ultimate expert on what will work for your fitness center. Want some thought starters on how to utilize interval training to attract and retain various groups of members? Here are some excellent examples we’ve seen in our work with thousands of leading facilities and experts worldwide.

As we mention in the Interval Training for Every Body white paper, more than four out of every five fitness center members is either a beginner and or an intermediate exerciser. If you can make interval training work for them, it might just make a huge difference in your retention and member acquisition rates. Now, if you ask a beginner to jog or ride a bike for 30 minutes straight out of the gate, there’s a good chance they’ll give up. Instead, consider a less daunting initial regimen, like this one: 5 x 6.00 at a low/moderate intensity, with 2:00 recovery. It’s recommended by one of Atlanta’s top personal trainers, who finds that it helps her new exercisers stick to a regular exercise regimen.

Dr. Hiroshi Nose, a professor of sports medicine, has introduced thousands of older Japanese citizens to an innovative but utterly age-appropriate regimen: three minutes of brisk walking, then, three minutes of slower walking, repeated ten times, three times a week for five months. Here are typical results:

  • 20% increase in maximal aerobic power and thigh muscle strength
  • 20% decrease in hypertension, hyperglycemia and obesity
  • 50% decrease in depression scores
  • 70% of participants kept up their interval walking for at least two years after the study ended — and a follow-up study showed that they’d maintained or increased their health improvements.

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