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Keep Running: Your Treadmill Asset Management Questions, Answered

Using a trusted asset management system is integral to running and maintaining a successful facility. Aside from reducing downtime, managing treadmill usage and easily submitting service requests, you will gain valuable insight into the behavior and preferences of your customers. Below, we answer some of your questions about using asset management systems with your cardio equipment.

Can your treadmills unlock new business opportunities?

Because of their popularity, your treadmills are your best resource for insight on your operation. It all begins with an asset management system that wirelessly collects data from your cardio equipment, and then transmits it to a personal web portal where it’s translated into clear and useful usage information about your facility. From any Internet connection, you can then manage tasks, optimize your layout, train your staff, streamline service, and much more.

What to look for in an asset management system?

While all asset management systems differ, a good one will provide extensive insight into machine usage and member preferences – insight that you can apply immediately. John Derocher, Cybex Field Service Manager, recommends looking for an asset management system that offers the following:

  • Data as “miles run” or “hours used”
  • Six-month usage patterns
  • Maintenance & service instructions
  • How-to videos to train staff
  • Maintenance schedules
  • A method to enter and track service cases

What are some strong treadmill data usage strategies?

Once you have an asset management system in place, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of our favorite usage applications:

  • Rotate low and high use equipment, improving customer experience, balancing wear and tear, and improving long-term performance
  • Learn to predict when your facility won’t be busy and apply treadmill usage trends to run promotions during quiet times
  • Learn which treadmills your members prefer, then rearrange your facility to replicate their preferences
  • Never forget a maintenance task and extend the life of your equipment
  • Train staff through instructional videos and task scheduling

What’s the relationship between treadmill cleaning and member satisfaction?

It’s simple: regularly scheduled cleaning and routine maintenance will increase the lifespan and enhance the performance of your cardio equipment. A good asset management system will help you schedule cleaning and maintenance around lower usage times, and ensure it’s all performed in a timely and consistent fashion. Explore the tutorial videos we’ve created for training your staff:

Clean Console
Inspect Power Cord, Plug & Outlet

Vacuum Motor Bay
Clean Under Unit

So, what else should you look for to drive treadmill uptime and ROI?

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