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Machine Monday: Standing Calf Raises- Not Just for Bodybuilders

Activities that use these muscles:

We use our calves- specifically the gastrocnemius (the bulky part of the muscle) and soleus (the lower portions of the muscle) - in just about every activity that includes our legs – walking, running, standing, etc.


Why you should care:

Working out these muscles is not just for body builders and athletes.  Exercisers of all levels should include calf exercises into their workouts because these muscles are important not only for improving the sculpted, symmetrical look of our legs, but also in helping us maintain balance and stability, especially as we age.

The loss of strength and power in the calves has been suggested as one of the leading causes of slips, trips and falls in elderly populations, so any calf strengthening we can do now may help reduce the risk of falls later on.

Other leg exercises like squats and deadlifts are great, but they do not necessarily increase the strength of the calves, especially if you ‘push through the heels’ while squatting.  Click here to see why pushing through the heels takes your calves out of the equation.


Trainer tip:

Use the Cybex VR3 standing calf raise machine if you are looking for a machine that makes it easier for exercisers of all levels to gain the strength they need in their calves.  Your clients may benefit from some of its unique features, including:

  • An adjustable input arm to allow you to get in and out of the machine effortlessly
  • Flexibility to be used for alternating, bilateral, or unilateral exercises
  • Angled shoulder pads for increased comfort while performing the exercises
  • And a large curved platform that lets the user get into different foot positions with ease

Machine set up:

Trainers and gym goers alike, here are a few videos that will show you a variety of ways to train this muscle group:

To learn more about the VR3 standing calf raise machine, or the complete line of Cybex VR3 strength equipment, click here.

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