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Member Retention Mistake #7: Equipment Errors

Investing in new equipment? Beware of two potential trip-ups. Digital-savvy millenials want both connectivity and personalization to fit their active lifestyles.

OMG! Millennial Invasion!

Ready or not, here they come. One of history’s largest generations is about to descend on the world’s fitness centers – and it’s doubtful if many facilities are prepared. Learn what your need to know about millennials, their exercise preferences and their equipment expectations, so you don’t get caught with your skinny jeans down.

Millenials are:

  • Most tech-savvy generation ever
  • 5x more likely to be early adopters
  • 65% say it’s important to track progress
  • Big believers in physical health (75%)
  • Stressed out about body image (69%)
  • But too busy to exercise more (50%)

What This Means For You

They’re looking for short, sharp sessions that fit their time-strapped lifestyles. Do you know how to gear up (literally) for millennials? Learn more about equipment trends that resonate, top tips about the selfie generation and emerging exercise trends by downloading our free e-book, “The 10 Worst Mistakes Made by Gyms & Fitness Centers.”

NOTE: For list of research references, please download the full version of the e-book.

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Do you know why your members are leaving? Learn how to avoid these common and costly mistakes. Get the strategies you need for success now.

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