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Social Media eBook: Do's & Don'ts

If you're a gym owner, manage a fitness facility, or are just interested in the business side of the industry, the Cybex Digital Marketing Suite is a great place for you to visit and utilize as a resource when marketing your business to current and potential clients. Featuring social media templates, customizable posts, images, video, and blog posts, the Digital Marketing Suite is a one-stop shop for all of your online needs.

The Social Media Marketing Guide deals with all the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, providing you with solutions and tips for creating great content across all of these channels.

Social media dos & don'ts

One of the first informational pieces within the Social Media Ebook is the section on social media do's & don'ts. These four tips will help you to create successful social media content and drive traffic through multiple channels. 

  1. Stand out: As more and more businesses jump on the social media bandwagon it becomes essential to stand out. Without resorting to shock value, your posts should aim to pique interest and get people interacting.
  2. Real value: Social media feeds are crowded and loud. Make sure what you’re saying is not only of real interest, but real value as well. Sharing good information will enhance your image as an expert and gain respect as a professional.
  3. Crossover: There is a significant amount of crossover in social media. Not only can all these accounts lead viewers to one another, they can share content. For example, a great image you post on your Instagram account can also be posted on your Facebook page and even your Twitter account. This is not to say you should be using the same content for all social media, but know when to share a hot item across multiple channels.
  4. Socialize: It’s not called social media for nothing. Don’t just put your post up and log off for the day. Interact with other users and respond to comments, likes, tweets and so on – this applies to all the platforms covered here. At the very least, remember to say thank you to those who show your page some love. 

Download the Social Media Marketing Guide

For more information on social media for fitness facilities, head over to the Digital Marketing Suite and download your copy of the Social Media Guide. While you're there, check out the other eBooks and great content available for free.

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