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Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (4/8/16)

“Speed Read” is your “go to” source for the week’s top fitness, health and wellness news – the stories you need to know now.

Treadmills and Bikes, Indoors Versus Outdoors

An in-depth look at running and cycling in different environments. While the Cybex team loves logging miles on the treadmill and bike indoors, we agree it’s great to get outdoors too. – CNN

How to Run the Boston Marathon Like a Pro

Breaking down the challenging Boston Marathon course, with insider tips on every twist, turn and hill. – Daily Burn

Can a Yoga Session Replace a Run?

While some types of yoga can get your heart pumping, experts say runners should generally just use yoga to complement their sport and not as a substitute for pounding the pavement. – Runner's World

Larger Serving Sizes on Food Labels May Encourage Us to Eat Less

A new study from Georgetown University found that larger serving sizes on food labels will cue us to eat less and may actually help fight the obesity epidemic. – Huffington Post

10 Workout Moves You’re Probably Doing Wrong (And How to Fix Them)

Unfortunately, not everyone has the option to work with a trainer and receive form corrections. Make sure you aren't unknowingly making some of these common mistakes. – Livestrong

Keep Running: Your Treadmill Asset Management Questions, Answered

Using a trusted asset management system is integral to running and maintaining a successful facility. Learn how to make the best use of your asset management system. – Cybex Blog

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The Cybex Team

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