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Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (5/27/16)

Your Top Fitness News

Cybex's Speed Read is your “go to” source for the week’s top fitness, health and wellness news – the stories you need to know now. Stay on top of industry news and share with your clients, members and colleagues.

A First Look at the FDA’s New Nutrition Label — And 10 Reasons It’s Different From the Old One

While the new label might look similar to the current version, certain categories are now emphasized more than others and the way some numbers are calculated has changed. – Washington Post

Monitoring Sun Exposure With A Portable Paper Sensor

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew when to head for the shade and take a break from the sun? A new type of paper-based sensor for monitoring sun exposure, which takes different skin types and sunscreen levels into account, may be just the answer. – Science Daily

IHRSA Report: Members, Clubs Increase Worldwide

The recently released “2016 IHRSA Global Report: The State of the Health Club Industry,” shows upward trends in worldwide number of club members and visits, though revenue is down from previous years. – iClubs

Why Processed Foods May Promote Gut Inflammation

According to a new study, additives like emulsifiers, which are common in foods like ice cream and peanut butter, directly affect gut bacteria and lead to a dramatic increase in a marker of gut inflammation. – LiveScience

Fitness Trackers and Your Personal Information

A new take on the information captured by your fitness tracker and how police, attorneys, insurance companies and even your employer could potentially use it against you. – Fox 35 Orlando

Optimizing Sleep to Improve Performance

Our newest blog contributor, Will Stern, shares tips for improving your sleep habits to help keep you energized towards your fitness goals. – Cybex Blog

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The Cybex Team

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