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Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (7/22/16)

Your Top Fitness News

Fitness, health and wellness news highlights made easy – the stories you need to know now. Stay on top of industry news and share with your clients, members and colleagues.

How Getting Sweaty Turned Into a Big Business

Bloomberg’s New York bureau chief discusses his new book, “Sweat Equity,” a deep dive into the lucrative business of wellness. You can read an excerpt of the book, explaining why gyms are key to the fitness economy. – Well + Good

Strategic Technology Investment Can Yield Cost-savings for Health Clubs

Investing in technology for your gym can sometimes be expensive and research-heavy, but it will keep your facilities running smoothly and your members satisfied. – IHRSA Blog

New Running Apps Blur the Line Between Virtual Reality and Real Life

You definitely won’t refer to the treadmill as a “dreadmill” after trying out these game-changing apps. – The Washington Post

Lifting Lighter Weights Is Just As Effective As Heavy Weights

While this study does not account for the different kinds of muscle built by weight training, such as slow-twitch versus fast-twitch muscles, it’s still a worthwhile read to help field client questions. The study was also reported by the New York Times. – The Huffington Post

Why Do My Veins Stick Out After I Exercise?

Have you ever wondered why your veins look more prominent after a tough workout? Here's a hint; it's not because you're dehydrated. – Shape

Whitewater Rafting Is More Athletic Than You Might Think

Cybex Blog contributor Julian Jackson breaks down the different muscles used while whitewater rafting and why it is such an underappreciated sport. – Cybex Blog

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