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Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (9/2/16)

Top News For Fitness Professionals

Fitness, health and wellness news highlights made easy – the stories you need to know now. Stay on top of industry news and share with your clients, members and colleagues.

What You Need to Know if Your Fitness Goal is “6-Pack Abs”
To have a “six-pack,” it often seems like you must be in the epitome of good health. But for women, it’s sometimes quite the opposite to maintain such a low body fat percentage. –MindBodyGreen

Tips for Exercising While Sick
Studies have shown that exercise can be beneficial for people living with many diseases, including cancer. – Wall Street Journal

Forget Calories: The Weight of Your Food Is What Really Matters
The amount of food you can eat by choosing fruits and vegetables over calorie-dense options is staggering. High volume, low calorie foods are the way to go to feel more satiated. – Stack

Wellness: Hype Over Hydration
Sports drinks aren’t always the right choice for non-athletes engaging in short bursts of activity. You might not need that Gatorade after all. – Valley Advocate

Use It or Lose It: Stopping Exercise Decreases Brain Blood Flow
After a 10-day period with no exercise, researchers found a significant decrease in blood flow to several brain regions important for cognitive health. – Science Daily

Committing to Ironman Training as a Parent
Ironman training can be time-consuming and grueling, especially as a parent. Contributor Kim Webster shares her experience with balancing her commitments to family and her goal of competing in Kona. – Cybex Blog

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