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This is Performance

Some training offers a little more excitement, a little more intensity, and is built for exercisers willing to give a little more. Performance training is for the elite athlete and those who train like one. It creates a unique, unmistakable energy in any facility that our performance fitness equipment is there to support.

Performance Fitness Equipment for Your Business

Facility Owner & Manager Support

Life Fitness has created a performance training product lineup designed to help facility managers support members looking for an elite athlete's workout experience.

Performance Training Equipment

Life Fitness offers a wide array of performance equipment designed to challenge athletes through effective movements.
developed a connected fitness ecosystem that includes online exercise libraries, smart gym equipment, and online facilities management.

Meet Performance & Boutique Gym Demand

Support the growing number of exercisers looking to boutique fitness studios, performance gyms, and health clubs to provide them with intense interval options for small group and athletic training.

This is Performance Fitness

Elite Training Equipment

Performance Fitness Products

Discover all of the Life Fitness Family of Brands performance training offerings to attract and retain your customers

Online Exercise Options

Digital Coach

See how Digital Coach can fit your facility's needs with a library of online fitness workouts, tailored branding options, and customizable visuals to accommodate users of all levels.

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Workout Facility Management App

Halo Fitness Cloud

See how Halo Fitness Cloud can assist facility managers by measuring equipment use and exerciser trends, providing seamless software updates and facility-wide product settings, and scheduling technician service visits easily all in one comprehensive digital platform.


Online Exercise Options

Life Fitness On Demand

See how Life Fitness On Demand virtual exercise programming provides engaging cardio workout classes that motivate users with knowledgeable instructors, varying difficulty levels, and curated music playlists


Fitness Apps

LF Connect

See how the LFconnect app allows users to pair Apple® and Android™ devices with Life Fitness smart fitness equipment to track exercise progress, access personalized workouts, and interact with a variety of compatible workout apps and fitness trackers.

Life Fitness Connectivity News

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conducts a yearly survey determining the top fitness trends, and 2021 has two major trends that fitness facilities should know.
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“We launched Life Fitness on Demand two days ago and so far it has been a monumental success. This is a GAME CHANGER for Life Fitness… especially since none of your competition is offering this service at the current time. Absolutely brilliant and love the innovation and commitment to being on the forefront of technology, this is the future!” 

Jason Ferrara, Pelican Bay Fitness & Wellness Manager – Naples, Florida