Life Fitness deeply values its partnership with the Y. We share the goal of helping people lead healthier lives. Life Fitness believes in the power of health, wellness and knows the best equipment to make each YMCA a neighborhood anchor.

“We wanted to make exercise fun, let people play, and tried to make it as functional as possible. What SYNRGY360 could do made it the best choice.”


MEMBER ENGAGEMENT AND PREMIER PRODUCTS: Creating a community is important. Life Fitness connects members with the best strength training and cardio equipment in the world, and transforms your facility into a place exercisers of all ages want to be. We recommend the Insignia Series for every age group, the SYNRGY360 for group training, Hammer Strength for strength training veterans, and Elevation and Integrity Series cardio equipment.

VALUABLE ASSET MANAGEMENT: LFconnect is the digital solution for facilities looking to create the ultimate workout experience. With LFconnect and our cardio consoles, you can monitor detailed product usage statistics, create home screen logos and facility workouts, and initiate fundraising drives.

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CREATING WELCOMING HEALTHY LIVING CENTERS: Life Fitness helps you cater to any age group and fitness level. We recommend a diverse gym that offers limitless possibilities and breadth of product that welcomes all exercisers. At the Y, it's important for both novices and advanced exercisers to feel part of a community.

LIFE FITNESS JOURNEY: The Life Fitness Journey expertly combines people, spaces and equipment to create tailored experiences that attract new exercisers and retain existing members. This approach to facility design, layout and atmosphere creates an inviting environment and experience. Journey delivers what motivates people — environment, progression, variety and social interaction — to keep them on their exercise path.

Life Fitness Academy

TRAINING AND EDUCATION: Your staff should do more than rearrange machines and check memberships. They are expected to be experts who provide advice on equipment, exercise form and fitness goals.  

Life Fitness Academy (LFA) bolsters the expertise of your workforce with on-site training, webinars and project education videos. LFA helps your staff attract new members and keep existing ones.

HELP IS ONE CLICK AWAY: Life Fitness caters to every aspect of your success. Our national network provides pre-sale and post-sale care, renowned technical support and a 24-hour online parts ordering store. In the United States alone, we have 26 dedicated technical support representatives. 

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