Thoughtful design creates Life Fitness equipment that exercisers are excited to use.

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Elevation Treadmill

Create a Memorable Experience

A successful facility is about much more than a mix of a few fitness machines. It’s about combining people, spaces and equipment to create an environment that motivates and excites exercisers.

Life Fitness doesn’t just offer the best fitness equipment, we also work with customers to provide solutions that make any facility better.


A wide breadth of cardio equipment lets exercisers of all abilities choose exactly how they want to move.

Group Training

Create an exhilarating, fun and motivating group workout environment. Group exercise equipment brings people together and adds energy to any space.

Strength Training

Strength training is essential to improving overall fitness. Life Fitness strength training equipment is designed to fit the needs of every exerciser, regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

Life Fitness Digital Solutions

Powerful technology allows facilities to maximize business, differentiate from the competition, and keep exercisers engaged.

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Building champions for over 25 years

Rugged performance strength training equipment takes what athletes dish out and helps exercisers get to where they strive to be. Hammer Strength equipment moves the way the body is meant to move and rewards hard work with results. Results that elite athletes have been relying on for more than 25 years.

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