Activate Series

Thoughtfully designed. Distinctively crafted.

The Activate Series is the cardio choice for any commercial facility looking for intuitive functionality and reliability. The treadmills, cross-trainers, upright and recumbent Lifecycle exercise bikes in the series are ideal for small health clubs, residential facilities and hotels.

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Series Highlights



Easy to Use

The intuitive console design offers clear and simple direction for any exerciser.


Rugged Reliability

Hundreds of hours of testing goes into each piece of equipment, which ensures durability and reliability.


Connection to Cardio

With and the optional Connect Module, facilities gain valuable usage data that can determine new equipment needs, guide staffing decisions and determine the best placement for cardio equipment.


Entertainment Options

Make sure your facility keeps exercisers engaged and motivated to come back. Add attachable TVs to Activate equipment to allow exercisers to enjoy their favorite shows and stay entertained during their workout.