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Intense cardio workouts, slow and steady ascents, and everything in between. The wide range of climbers offered by Life Fitness offers effective cardio workout options for any exerciser, regardless of fitness level.



Elevation Series PowerMill Climber

A reliable AC motor ensures a smooth motion and 25 different speeds. The PowerMill Climber has the largest step space among similar products and an anti toe-pinch design, which ensures secure footing during everything from high-intensity to moderate workouts. 


Integrity Series PowerMill Climber

The same features as the Elevation Series, but with an intuitive, streamlined console. When connected, the Integrity Series provides important information about equipment usage through and offers exercisers workout tracking through the LFconnect app.


Integrity Series Stairclimber

The self-powered Stairclimber features the IsoTrack climbing system, which allows for a smooth, low-impact cardio workout. The natural stepping motion is inviting for all exercisers. Connect to the Internet to provide important information about equipment usage through and offer exercisers workout tracking through the LFconnect app.


Integrity Series Summit Trainer

The challenging intensity of a climber combined with the smooth motion and total-body workout of a cross-trainer. Exercisers can choose their stride length to find the workout best suited to helping them reach their fitness goals. The Summit Trainer features the asset management and user tracking features of all Integrity Series cardio products.