SYNRGY BlueSky Outdoor Training System

Take training into the exhilarating outdoors

An alternative to indoor workouts or a challenging addition to an outdoor running path. The modular outdoor unit features several scalable body weight training stations engineered for superior biomechanics. Five different stations and six connectors combine to create countless customizable configurations.

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Series Highlights



Variety and Versatility

Several different connectors and scalable body weight training stations let you mix and match to tailor the perfect system for exercisers of all ages and fitness levels.


Increases Square Footage 

Allows facilities to utilize unused outdoor spaces and create new training areas to motivate exercisers.



Small Group Training Hub

SYNRGY BlueSky acts as a nerve center for outdoor small group training, which adds excitement and revenue.


Clear Instruction 

Placards on each station clearly outline proper form, which allows the SYNRGY BlueSky unit to be used when personal trainers aren’t present.

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SYNRGY BlueSky 1

A unique training space that’s perfect for creating singular workout stations on running paths. Requires a live area of 16’ x 18’ x 10.5’ (4.88m x 5.49m x 3.20m).

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SYNRGY BlueSky 2

Two unique training stations are an ideal addition to a pre-existing unit and perfect for running paths. Requires a live area of 16’ x 24’ x 10.5’ (4.88m x 7.32m x 3.20m).

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SYNRGY BlueSky 3

Two different workout stations with a connector in between. Ideal for running paths, parks and smaller outdoor workout areas. Requires a live area of 16’ x 30’ x 10.5’ (4.88m x 9.14m x 3.20m).

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SYNRGY BlueSky 8

Perfect for outdoor small group training. Eight unique training spaces (four stations and four short connectors) provide plenty of workout options. Requires a live area of 26’ x 26’ x 10.5’  (7.93m x 7.93m x 3.20m).

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SYNRGY BlueSky 10

Ideal for outdoor group training of 5 to 10 exercisers. Ten training spaces are created from four different stations, two short connectors and two long connectors. Requires a live area of 26’ x 32’ x 10.5’  (7.93m x 9.75m x 3.20m).

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SYNRGY BlueSky 14

The largest SYNRGY BlueSky is great for outdoor group training for 8 to 14 exercisers. A combination of stations and connectors create 14 training spaces to accommodate a training regimen for larger troups. Requires a live area of 32’ x 32’ x 10.5’  (9.75m x 9.75m x 3.20m).

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