SYNRGY360 and Row GX combine for great Small Group Training experiences


creates a fun, exciting and energetic workout environment

Life Fitness pioneered the SYNRGY360 concept to create transformational and inspiring fitness experiences for a diverse audience of exercisers. It is ideal for dynamic small group training, one-on-one personal training, and for individual exercisers.

Each unit is modular, which means that a facility has nearly limitless options of how to build the optimal solution for its exercisers. The groundbreaking concept provides opportunities to offer exciting small group training to anyone in your facility.

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SYNRGY360 Small Group Training can be the Hub of your facility

SMALL group training hub

A SYNRGY360 system provides a hub of motivating energy. Life Fitness has a wide breadth of products to create an inviting focal point for any facility.

The versatile SYNRGY can enable a variety of small group training workouts.

variety and versatility

Nearly limitless variety takes the repetition out of small group training.

SYNRGY360 modular nature can be customized to grow with your facility

modular customization

Several configuration options and workout station choices allow a facility to tailor the perfect system for its exercisers.

SYNRGY360 can be suited to fit any space

SUITEd to Space

Five different sizes of SYNRGY360 units makes it easy to choose one that fits best into any facility. 

Small Group Training Equipment,SYNRGY360, with rope pull


An expanding offering of options and add ons keeps workouts fresh and fun.

SYNRGY360T MJ Small Group Training

Cable Motion

Cable Motion multi-jungles add versatility and robust training options to any SYNRGY360 unit.

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Offers large group training options with eight unique training spaces, including a 10-handle monkey bar zone and two dedicated areas for suspension training. Requires a live area of 27' x 27' (8.2 m x 8.2 m).

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Group training options with six available training spaces, including a seven-handle monkey bar zone. Requires a live area of 22' x 27' (6.7 m x 8.2 m).

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A compact group training solution with four distinct training spaces. Requires a live area of 22' x 22' (6.7 m x 6.7 m).

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A space-conscious setup that fits in small training areas or against a wall. Features two unique training spaces. Requires a live area of 11' x 22' (3.4 m x 6.7 m).

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