Commercial Treadmills

More than 500,000 Life Fitness treadmills have been created since 1991. Our treadmills for commercial gyms have a reputation for reliability and comfort. The FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, reduces stress and provides an effective cardio workout suited for exercisers of all fitness levels.

Life Fitness treadmills are fixtures in clubs and athletic facilities around the world.


The Elevation Series offers commercial treadmills that engage ad entertain.

Elevation Series

A premium cardio line that combines appealing design with three console options to keep exercisers entertained and engaged while running and walking. When connected, each console provides detailed product data, which is an invaluable asset management tool.


The Integrity Series Treadmills provide gyms with inviting and easy-to-use running equipment.

Integrity Series

The workhorse of the Life Fitness treadmill line has an inviting design and easy-to-use console, which is why it is popular in thousands of facilities around the world. Available with wireless internet connection, which provides asset management data and insight into preventive maintenance  through the business portal.  


The Activate Series Treadmills are perfect for all your facility's customers, including exercise rookies and workout regulars.

Activate Series

An intuitive console design is perfect for both exercise rookies and workout regulars. The Activate Series treadmill is sleek, durable and an asset to facilities of any size. And, it allows for access to valuable equipment use data through