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Enjoy enhanced interaction, Internet connectivity and entertainment options on Platinum Club Series Discover™ Tablet Console treadmills, cross-trainers and bikes. With the LFconnect™website and app you can track your progress and create personalized workouts. The LFopen™platform allows third-party apps like Runtastic and Lose It! to integrate with the Discover console.

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Find your favorites with ease when you access your LFconnect website account before a workout. Your favorite websites, preferred workouts and display settings instantly load so that you can get on and go. Use an Apple® device or Android™ smartphone to sync to the Discover console, or login directly on the console.

Personalized Workouts



Tune into a sitcom, listen to your favorite workout music playlists, or watch the hottest music videos. There are thousands of entertainment options to make the workout more enjoyable for any exerciser.


Surf The Web

Thanks to the Discover console’s Internet connectivity capabilities, you can visit any website while you work out. Choose your favorite websites through your LFconnect account and they will be instantly available at login. 



Work Out Your Way

Use the LFconnect website to personalize a training workout on the way to a personal best. Or track your workout results through an app or other technology solution enabled by the LFopen platform. You can also choose from a selection of preset workouts created by a personal trainer.


Run, hike or bike through Lifescape™ interactive outdoor courses. Run through California’s rugged Trinity Mountains or take a bike ride in the pastoral Champagne region of France. The vivid scenery and overall experience are enhanced by the fact that the incline or resistance of the exercise machine changes with the terrain.

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Connect To Your Device

Discover consoles connect seamlessly to Android smartphones and Apple devices, including the iPad. Access your personal library of music, videos, apps and books. Maintain and monitor workout results directly from machine to device with the Life Fitness compatible app of your choice. And with charging capabilities, never worry about low battery life. 

Watch How-To Videos



Use the LFconnect website to personalize yoru equipment's workouts, website quick links and your home screen by adding pictures or motivational messages. It's technology that puts you in control.

Engage With Your Networks 

Never miss another tweet or status update again. Let friends, family and workout buddies see your fitness progress on your social networks. Connect with friends, personal trainers or groups through My Community on the LFconnect website to motivate and challenge you. Allow a personal trainer to track your workouts or set up customized workouts for you through the LFconnect website.


New Platinum Club Series Discover Tablet Console Specs

Console options DISCOVER SEDiscover SI
19" (Treadmill), 16" (Cross-Trainer and Bikes) Integrated Surface Capacitive LCD Touch Screen      
10" Integrated Surface Capacitive LCD Touch Screen      
Swipe™ Technology      
Screen Protection Protective top layer, internal shock mounts, gasket    
Integrated TV Analog and Digital     
Profile Display      
Language Choices English, English UK, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Catalan, Finnish, Hungarian, Euskara    
English/Metric Selection mph/kph/rpm or lbs/kg    
iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ Smartphone Compatibility Video capability on LCD Touch Screen    
Playlist management on LCD Touch Screen    
iPad® Holder    
Internet Via CAT6 or CAT5e (shielded recommended)    
Wireless Connectivity    
Lifescape Interactive Courses Video speed and level/incline controlled      
Workout Landscape™ Views 400M Track, 5K Nature Trail, Mountain, Zoom    
Solitaire Play Solitaire on the LCD Touch Screen    
Life Fitness Reader Read ePub files on the LCD Touch Screen    
lFconnect.coM coMpatibility** DISCOVER SEDISCOVER SI
Personalization through ** Personalized home screen and scrolling message; custom Internet settings and TV channels (SE only); custom workouts and tracking; entertainment    
Asset Management through Software Updates and Statistics    

**LFconnect on-console features are compatible with the Platinum Club Series Discover SE and SI when connected to the Internet. Internet connectivity is recommended for optimal exerciser experience.
†Features not available in all regions. Check with your dealer for availability and details. Warranties outside the U.S. may vary. Specifications subject to change.