5 LFopen Compatible Apps You Need to Have


Maybe you flourish with a little competition. Maybe you need specifics instead of generalities. Maybe you just want exercise to be a little more fun. Whatever the case, Life Fitness has the tools to keep you motivated. These five outstanding apps are compatible with LFopen platform cardio products, and they will make your quest for fitness manageable, productive and always entertaining.




The LFconnect app tracks a number of different workouts automatically, when used with compatible Life Fitness equipment, as well as outdoor workouts (with GPS) and exercise entered manually. The calorie counter dashboard provides motivation, and shows results from both cardio and strength training. The LFconnect app is best when it’s used with the LFconnect website, an online hub that lets you create custom workouts, manage a workout calendar and share results and tips with friends. LFconnect helps you measure, manage, and engage.

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Kinomap FitnessKinomap_logo_90x104.png

Kinomap takes stationary exercise equipment to a new level, providing high-definition videos--uploaded by users around the globe--of real, scenic exercise routes. With Kinomap, not only do you finally have the outdoor visuals to match the physical activity, but you can compete against the video, challenge other users (there are leaderboards and social media options), see yourself on a map, and even upload your own favorite routes. The app uses the front-facing cameras on your iPad or iPhone to track your effort without the need for sensors.

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SoFit turns exercise into a social media outlet and reward center, letting users earn badges, points, and medals. Points can be redeemed for real offers and charitable donations. The app lets you become part of a community of exercisers. Competitive exercise has never felt so philanthropic.

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While some apps try to entertain or instruct, Runtastic is all about the details, providing users with data-driven assessments about heart rate, calories burned, total distance, cardio performance, and overall fitness improvement. If you're a self-starter in need of a no-nonsense app that helps you record and assess your fitness efforts, Runtastic is as good as it gets.

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Lose It!Lose_It_Icon_90x90.png

Lose It! is all about goal-setting and helping you achieve weight loss on your own terms. It doesn’t matter if you're looking to lose big or simply shave a few pounds, Lose It! succeeds because of its multifaceted approach to weight loss. It tracks exercise and food consumption, provides a daily calorie budget, and even measures sleep. Not enough? It also offers detailed tracking of weight, body fat, and hydration, with support from exercise tips, quality recipes and an active and supportive community.

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