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Hammer Strength

4 Sided Urethane Dumbbells

Boasting a high-quality urethane construction and a premium look and feel, Hammer Strength 4-Sided Urethane Dumbbells are everything you need in a dumbbell.

Featuring an anti-roll design, ultra-durable chemically bonded UV resistant urethane, medium knurled chrome handles and superior protection against wear and tear; these dumbbells are long lasting and will serve your exercisers for years to come.

Weight Range: 5 - 150LB


•    5 - 50LB
•    7.5 - 27.5LB
•    55 - 75LB
•    80 - 100LB
•    105 - 125LB 
•    130 - 150LB

*Also available for individual purchase.

HS 4 Sided DB-3

Superior Durability

Made using an ultra-durable, chemically bonded urethane construction, these dumbbells ensure long-lasting use and a professional appearance for years to come.


Functional Design

Crafted with 4 flat sides, smooth contours, and chrome-plated handles with a medium knurl, these dumbbells have a unique ability to roll when needed or remain in place.

The distinguished design facilitates confident and stable execution of exercises like push-ups or rows.


Ultraviolet Resistant

These dumbbells are made using UV stabilisers and additives to protect the urethane body and molded-in numbers from fading, chalking and cracking, keeping them looking and performing like new.

Technical Specifications



The toughest Hammer Strength racks, built to a higher standard. Rugged HD Elite iD racks can withstand whatever elite athletes dish out. They're constructed to exceed industry standards and have the highest load ratings of any Hammer Strength racks.