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Weight Training Made Accessible

Circuit Series

Strength training for people who are new to fitness or are looking for an inviting and effective circuit training workout.
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Quick Transitions

Push-Button Resistance Controls

Conveniently positioned so that users can change resistance quickly during circuit training, the push-button resistance controls are less intimidating for new exercisers than traditional pin systems.


Superior Engineering

Lifeband Resistance System

Proprietary technology provides a smooth and consistent resistance profile regardless of speed of movement. Resistance levels are correlated across the series. If a user prefers level 10 on one machine, they will likely exercise at level 10 on all circuit equipment.

circut series

For exercisers of all ages & abilities

Ease of Use

Circuit Series is perfect for the active aging community, exercisers with certain medical conditions that are looking to use exercise as a means of support, as well as individuals returning to exercises.


I like to work with people who I know and trust. I need to know they’re going to be there when I need them, and Hammer Strength has really done that for me.

Nick Kolb, Fairfield University, Director of Sports Performance
Built to run for ages


Our treadmills for commercial gyms reduce joint stress, provide effective cardio workouts and offer entertainment for all levels of exercisers.
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Halo Fitness Cloud

Facility Management

Transform your fitness facility management with ease using our comprehensive digital tool - Halo Facility. Our free software solution simplifies Life Fitness equipment management and helps you make informed business decisions. Experience the benefits of seamless fitness facility management today with Halo Facility!