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Hammer Strength MTS is the natural motion of the revered Hammer Strength Plate Loaded products put into a selectorized body. MTS is often used as an auxiliary product line to complement traditional selectorized products with a unique, bold look and independent weight stacks for each limb. This creates an advanced training experience that exceeds the expectation of a traditional selectorized machine.



Truly isolate training for each arm or leg with direct resistance to each limb. This allows for off-set resistance, single limb training, and alternating movements without limitations from the machine.

Superior Engineering

Iso-lateral Technology

Iso-Lateral technology is the foundation of Hammer Strength. Built to move the way the body moves with natural arcs and smooth, converging and diverging motion.


Built to last

Superior Belt-Drive System

Short, direct transmission of resistance through a belt-drive system ensures smooth performance and premium durability.


Belts & Pulleys

Reinforced Kevlar belts with a breaking strength over 3,000 lbs track on custom 3" (7.6 cm) fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with precision fit belt radius and double sealed bearings.


Three- and Four-pound EVA foam (deformation resistant) or equivalent is used on all machines. The foam is injection molded directly to the multi-plywood support board with integral 10 mm T-nuts. All edges are stitched to eliminate any folds in the material that would limit durability.

Foot Platforms

Foot platforms are Linex® covered ensuring slip resistance and long-lasting protection against wear.


Numeric seat and pad adjustments correctly align body to machine for proper posture, muscle isolation and body stabilization. Seats adjust in 1/2” (12 mm) increments.

Instruction Placards

Placards pictorially illustrate the muscles trained, proper machine set up & use, for easy to follow instructions regardless of language.

Motion Technology Selectorized

Customer Showcase

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Halo Fitness Cloud

Facility Management

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