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Ironberg - Cardio (2)
Florianopolis, Brazil


Facility of the Month


When Brazil’s leading bodybuilding brand, IRONBERG, wanted to build an iron paradise that would meet the needs of hardcore competitors while also being inviting and inspiring for regular exercisers, it turned to Life Fitness.
IRONBERG dominates the sport of bodybuilding in Brazil: the brand’s gyms are renowned, its owner sponsors famous pro bodybuilder Ramon Dino, and it even has a popular podcast with over 170 episodes.
For its new facility, the company wanted not only to deliver the ultimate training experience for the bodybuilding community but also to motivate other members to transform their health through strength training.
Ironberg - Strength Area - Red light



IRONBERG’s goal was to provide the ideal bodybuilding gym for everyone from beginners to world champions. The new facility was created to motivate, inspire, and transform the life of every member through a healthy and responsible bodybuilding lifestyle.

That means having the best professionals in the industry in an environment that transmits the brand’s passion for the sport and the values it represents: discipline, respect, responsibility, focus, resilience, motivation, and the drive to overcome barriers.

And of course, it also means partnering with the world leaders in fitness equipment: Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and ICG.

Ironberg - Strength Area - Red light (2)
The Results


IRONBERG Florianopolis is an Olympian success. It reached breakeven in just four weeks of membership sales and is already looking to grow its gym space. It has also achieved its main goal: to provide the ultimate training experience that the local bodybuilding community deserves. Its members value not only the equipment offering, which is unique in the area, but also the motivating gym atmosphere - famous bodybuilders now train there every week.

IRONBERG is now preparing to strengthen its partnership with Life Fitness as it expands its network through franchises.
Ironberg - Leg Press



The gym offers everything for successful bodybuilding, from heavy iron for bulking up to a cardio space for getting lean. There’s even a state-of-the-art posing room, with perfect mirror placement and lighting, for bodybuilders to practice their routines for competitions and make sure they look good from every angle. It’s also an ideal spot for regular members to check their progress.

  • Huge gym floorspace with dedicated areas for free weights, plate-loaded machines, and cable motion machines
  • A black color scheme with red highlights (LED lighting around mirrors and behind pictures) gives the facility a dynamic, high-energy look
  • Decorated with photos of Arnold and other top bodybuilders
  • Cardio zone
  • Custom-made posing room
  • Fully equipped snack room
  • Premium coaching services
  • High-level cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Parking spaces
the ultimate training experience for everyone

IRONBERG make fast gains

Ironberg - Room Scene - Full



Bodybuilders train hard and they need robust, durable equipment that can withstand the most demanding workouts, 24/7. They also need enough variety to target the muscles from different angles (for example incline, flat, and decline chest press). It’s important that the equipment facilitates correct biomechanics, to maximize muscle engagement, and that it combines user-guided movements with machine-guided movements.

Based on this, the team worked on an equipment selection that included Hammer Strength, Cybex, and Life Fitness equipment.

Ironberg - Hammer Strength



Hammer Strength brings Plate-Loaded, Hammer Strength Select, and Hammer Strength MTS lines.

  • This combination allows lifters to work with the heaviest weights (thanks to the incredible build quality) and also to work unilaterally (one side of the body at a time).
  • This reaches its peak with the MTS Iso-lateral selectorized machines, which have separate weight stacks for independent motion and optimal biomechanics.

Life Fitness Insignia and Cybex Prestige complement the strength offering.

  • Two lines of selectorized equipment offer inviting, non-intimidating options for beginners while still prioritizing good biomechanics and exercise choice.

Cardio isn’t the main interest of the bodybuilding community but it is still important for warm-ups, recovery, and fat loss. To provide a full offering, IRONBERG combined equipment from the Life Fitness Activate and Integrity cardio lines.

  • Integrity PowerMills, because low-impact stair climbing is one of the bodybuilding community’s most popular cardio activities.
  • Stationary bikes and ellipticals from the Activate line.

Ironberg - Cardio + Brand Logo

IRONBERG Florianopolis was born from a demand for a differentiated gym concept, with a mix of products capable of serving both high-level bodybuilders and beginners in physical activity. Our aim was to spread the bodybuilding lifestyle in a modern and inspiring space, motivating our members to get the best from themselves. To do that, we needed to count on the best and most complete mix of machines on the market — in other words, on Life Fitness.”


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