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Give The Gift Of Vitality This Holiday Season

Ugly ties, ill-fitting sweaters, fruitcakes, lumps of coal—the list of bad holiday gifts is long and storied. Have you ever thought about giving those close to you the gift of vitality? You can, and it can even be wrapped. Essentially, that’s what you’re giving them when put fitness equipment under—or in the case of a large treadmill, next to—the tree.

Home Cardio Equipment

The Platinum Club Series Treadmill is for someone really, really, really special. It’s premium cardio just like the treadmills found in the best health clubs around the world. We’re still amazed that Santa finds a way to get these down the chimney.


Elliptical cross-trainers provide effective low-impact cardio workouts. And many of them are designed to be nearly silent even during the most intense workouts. That means that exercisers can work out without bothering anyone else in the home, or neighbors in the condo.

Indoor cycles powered by ICG are quite simply, cool. The sleek modern design isn’t just for show. The bikes offer great home workouts, especially when paired with the ICG Training App. The IC8 Power Trainer (shown above) is for the dedicated outdoor cyclist and those training for a triathlon.

A rower provides a great cardio workout and the wood accents of the Row HX Trainer give it a sense of style. The rower is a great idea for those with limited home workout space because it stores upright and out of the way when it's not being used.

Home Gyms

Strength training is an essential part of a healthy overall fitness routine. Home gyms let exercisers put in the reps without having to leave the home. This ensures convenience and eliminates the possibility of running into any rude, muscle-bound dudes whose favorite sound is hearing weight plates clang. 


The beauty of these strength training options is that they allow for nearly limitless versatility. The G7 Home Gym (shown on the left) employs dual-adjustable pulleys that let you to perform a wide range of strength training workouts that work your lower body, upper body and core.

Bars and Weight Plates

Professional athletes and those who are into serious strength training, use rugged Hammer Strength equipment.


An Olympic bar or two and a few weight plates can be used to turn a boring empty garage or a little-used basement into a performance training space. Hammer Strength products are for those who are understand the value of their weight training.

Fitness Accessories


Home fitness doesn't require large pieces of expensive equipment. For example, a wooden plyo box can amp up home interval workouts and is compact enough to fit in even the smallest home gyms. Adding a few dumbbells and kettlebells to your home workout equipment can add more variety to an effective strength training routine.

The gift of vitality is also possible on a budget. A foam roller helps recovery after a workout, yoga and fitness mats can be an essential tool for all sorts of home workouts, and a stability ball is an effective way to improve core fitness. And, most are less than $50.


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