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How To Create A Robust Home Gym When You Don't Have A Lot Of Space

You don’t really need a lot of room to create a great home workout area. Just a few square feet can be used to for a combination of cardio, strength and bodyweight training. A total-body workout space can even fit smartly into a corner of a studio apartment.



  • Combines challenging cardio and strength training in one space
  • Equipment with a modern aesthetic won’t look out of place
  • Several different training tools ensure workout variety

Equipment Ideas


Added Considerations

Close proximity to a TV makes it easy to stay entertained or follow an on-demand workout. Self-powered equipment like the IC7 indoor cycle eliminates cumbersome electrical cords and makes placement easy. Accessories like kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls can be used for a nearly limitless variety of strength and functional training without requiring large pieces of strength equipment.

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