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How Life Fitness Helped A Financial Well-being Company With Its Well-being

Baxter Credit Union in Vernon Hills, IL understands that their success is measured by empowering members to achieve their goals. This doesn't end with financial goals—it goes further to include the overall well-being of both customers and employees. BCU understands how an on-site fitness center bolsters productivity and lowers healthcare costs.


BCU created a unique indoor boutique studio with Life Fitness ICG bikes and Studio Collection Accessories to create camaraderie and make it inviting for more people to get involved in fitness as a cohesive family.

“Our vision for the space was to create a fitness center that would not only motivate employees to use it, but also to create a space that makes people of all fitness levels feel comfortable to come and use—from the variety of equipment and its intuitiveness, to actually feel comfortable coming to work out,” said Stephanie Rideout, senior manager of business development.

BCU partnered with Life Fitness to offer small group training spaces with the SYNRGY360T and Signature Cable Multi-Jungle connected by a boom. This allows several exercisers to work together, or separately, with different training modalities. In addition, the Hammer Strength HD Elite Racks were chosen to offer functional and Olympic exercises for those who wanted more of a challenge.

Added Jill Sammons, vice president of marketing and strategy: “Partnering with Life Fitness to deploy a recreation center that fulfills all of our employees’ needs, from every level, and every comfort level, is something that really aligns so well with what we try to do, that it becomes much more than Life Fitness being a vendor, it’s really you being a partner in business with BCU and all of us achieving the same goal.”


Along with their extremely inclusive boutique studio and strength and conditioning equipment, BCU has a space dedicated to cardio equipment. From Integrity treadmills and ellipticals, PowerMill Climbers, and the Row GX Trainer, BCU succeeded at creating a “wow-factor” space and made sure it could be of use to any exerciser—whether novice or expert. The icing on the cake was small touches like the Signature Accessory Rack, which cleared up space, organized accessories and allowed the space to breathe a little easier for more equipment.

“Partnering with BCU, they wanted a mix of everything—small group training, Olympic training, selectorized, cables and cardio—so we were able to take this blank space and give it to our layout team to see how it all fit, so we were hitting all their goals while keeping an open space and being compliant with equipment regulations,” Ryan Clavenna, northern Illinois sales representative for Life Fitness.

Baxter Credit Union and Life Fitness worked together as partners demonstrate what well-being is all about. Whether you’re discovering financial freedom or inspiring others to live healthier lives, having a fitness center filled with the Life Fitness family of brands is going to garner only one response. Wow.

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