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Life Fitness Employees Are Giving Back During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Life Fitness mission of “inspiring healthier lives” has a decidedly different meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, we want people around the world to remain active during this tough time, but we also want to help with health in other ways.


Kris Morgan and Lisa Boyd both work at a Life Fitness manufacturing facility in Owatonna, MN. The two saw a need to contribute to the health of their community and began sewing cloth masks for distribution to local healthcare facilities. The first donation of 275 masks was made to Owatonna’s Allina Hospital on April 2.

“One day I noticed on Facebook that our local hospital (Allina Health) was looking for people in the community to donate homemade masks,” said Morgan. “So, I thought, 'I can sew, this is a perfect opportunity to give back.' I sewed 20 masks that weekend and dropped them off at the hospital. We then started the initiative at Life Fitness, which is fantastic because we can get them out in much higher quantities then what I could ever dream of doing personally.”

Added Boyd: "Kris and I initially talked about our efforts outside of work and then we were given the opportunity to make the masks in-house. We pulled in upholstery team members Elaine Fruchey and Flor Perez last week to help."

The Owatonna factory has the material to make approximately 2,000 masks. They’ll be donated to those who need them in the Owatonna area over the next few weeks, and a small inventory will be built to ensure the safety of Life Fitness employees.


“We’ve donated masks to our local hospital, Allina Health, as well as several assisted living facilities,” explained Morgan. “They are all so very appreciative. Honestly, the joy in their eyes and voices to receive the mask was very humbling. When giving the masks we thank them for all that they are doing to keep our community safe and say that we are glad we can help in any way we can.”

Said Boyd: "I was able to personally donate to the care facility where my daughter works. I was elated to donate and they were so grateful for a company to step up a give back to the community. 

Helping Our Communities

Owatonna isn't the only Life Fitness location stepping up to the challenge of making masks. The Life Fitness plant in Ramsey, MN and Hammer Strength plant in Falmouth, KY started making them in early April. The Life Fitness facility in Kiskőrös, Hungary is answering a call from the town's mayor to help supply mask for all of its residents. The plant there has a goal of creating 5,000 masks to donate to the city.

See the Life Fitness team in action.

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