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Life Fitness

Integrity+ Treadmill

Introducing the next generation of the popular Life Fitness workhorse -- the Integrity+ Treadmill. Designed to elevate your fitness facility with modern design touches that lend to an inviting aesthetic, and the immersive Discover SE4 Console.

Immersive and captivating cardio workouts are provided through easy access to entertainment and popular fitness apps. More than 500 fitness experiences are available through the complimentary Life Fitness On Demand+, available on the SE4 console. The Integrity+ treadmill caters to both runners and walkers, offering unmatched comfort through Flex Deck© Shock Absorption technology, which significantly reduces joint stress.

Keep current with wireless internet connection through Halo Facility, which allows for the implementation of Life Fitness On Demand+, seamless monitoring of valuable asset data, and effortless console software updates. The inviting Integrity+ treadmill is an ideal choice for facilities seeking modern appeal and a multitude of options to create ideal experiences for a diverse range of exercisers.

Discover SE4 Console only available on Integrity+ Cardio

Life Fitness - Integrity+ - Console SE4


Console Innovations

Introducing the Life Fitness Discover SE4 Console—a state-of-the-art console that captures the attention of exercisers, provides a multitude of immersive workout experiences and gives fitness facilities the power to create custom-branded content.

Connectivity is at the heart of Discover SE4. Exercisers can seamlessly sync a smartphone, tablet or other device using Bluetooth or NFC technology.

Through Halo Facility, you can enable access to more than 500 Life Fitness On Demand+ fitness experiences and facilities can create custom-branded content that appears on the console.


24" and 16" Discover SE4 Console


A large, 1080p touch screen employs cutting-edge technology for an incredibly responsive user interface. The 24” screen (also available in 16”) is both intuitive and stylish and allows users to choose the cardio experience that’s right for them.

Halo Facility Life Fitness 20394234

Halo Facility

Get the most from your console

Motivational messaging, a variety of Life Fitness On Demand+ workouts, insights into machine usage and preventive maintenance reminders - all enabled via Halo Facility. We empower you and your staff with data, keep you connected to exercisers and make it easier for you to manage your facility in one platform.

Learn More about Halo Facility

Design focused on the Details

Life Fitness - Integrity+ - Flex Shock Absorption

Room to Run

A low step-up height of just 8” (20 cm) and a wide running surface of 22” (56 cm) is inviting to both experienced runners and new exercisers.

Life Fitness - Integrity+ - Room to Run

Flex Deck Shock Absorption System

Reduces knee and joint stress by up to 30% more than non-cushioned surfaces. Eight incredibly durable Lifespring™ shock absorbers deliver consistent cushioning.

Technical Specifications



Reimagine Your Exercise Facility

Facility Transformations

Discover how Life Fitness transforms facilities to create memorable experiences for your exercisers.

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