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Award-Winning Design

Award-Winning Design Went Into the R Series Treadmill

The Cybex R Series treadmill was designed to improve the running experience of the exercisers who use it. New in-workout functionality was paired with a sleek design that was worthy of Cybex’s first new cardio offering in six years.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think so. Recently, the R Series treadmill earned a 2018 Good Design Award in Sports-Recreation, which is one of 24 different categories recognized. Every year since 1950, the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. has presented the Good Design Awards.

Award-Winning Design 2

The Cybex design team worked tirelessly on the R Series treadmill. New features were added and the aesthetics were redefined.

  • The IS4 Intelligent Suspension System was created to match the mechanics of running. The deck is soft upon landing, firm in the middle and rigid at toe-off.
  • The smart Interval Training zone makes it easy for exercisers to change speeds with just the push of a button.
  • The 70T touch screen console includes integrated TV and an enhanced exerciser experience, while the 50L console option offers simplified interaction with a bright LED display.
  • Angular, geometric uprights uprights create a smooth visual transition from the motor cover to the bridge assembly.
  • Sleek side foot platforms provide a clean and inviting look.

The R Series treadmill was part of the first new cardio line created by Cybex in six years and we wanted to be sure that it was worth the wait.

“The design is an evolution of the previous Cybex treadmill,” said Paul Taylor, director of design. “We wanted to bring a fresh look to the product while maintaining some of the key/familiar visual aspects. We maintained the shape of key touch points like the handrails which are specifically designed for a comfortable grip while walking. We wanted the design to communicate durability and refinement. The foot platform area covers the edges of the belt. This creates a cleaner visual solution, protects the belt from edge abrasion, and reduces dirt collection. The foot platform surface is also angled four degrees inward to better accommodate the natural leg and foot angle when stepping off running belt.”

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