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V Series Cardio- Designed for the exerciser

V Series Cardio: Designed For The Exerciser

To design the V Series cardio equipment, Cybex product and engineering teams working directly with the people who would be using the equipment: hotel guests and multi-unit residential residents. Through those discussions, we learned about what this specific user group needs most: easy-to-understand equipment that they can get on and use.

V Series Cardio- Designed for the exerciser 1

For hotels, this is particularly important. No two hotel gyms are the same, and hotel guests need to be able to easily navigate the gym, find the equipment they want, and get the workout they need. Our goal with the V Series cardio equipment was to remove as many barriers as possible while improving the features that users demand.

Intuitive displays with built-in workouts

All V Series cardio equipment come standard with our intuitive display. Users can quickly select their workout intensity and begin exercising.

V Series Cardio- Designed for the exerciser 2

Build for durability

Following the Cybex heritage of durability, this new line of cardio equipment was designed to withstand the variety of exercisers who frequent hotels and multi-unit residential gyms. It is important that equipment remains working, which is why facilities depend on Cybex for long-lasting fitness equipment.

One example is the rugged crank arms built into both the V Series Upright Bike and Recumbent Bike for long-lasting durability. This helps even the most loved equipment always be ready for the next exerciser to begin their workout.

V Series Cardio- Designed for the exerciser 3

Optional entertainment options

On-screen entertainment

Facilities can opt to add an attachable 15” 1080p HD screen to the V Series, giving users access to entertainment while they are on the treadmill or pushing themselves on the cross-trainer.

V Series Cardio- Designed for the exerciser 4

Tablet holder for on-the-go media

With more exercisers bringing their own entertainment to the gym, all V Series cardio equipment offers an optional tablet holder. Give exercisers the freedom to select the entertainment that is best for them, whether that is continuing a TV show they started in their hotel room or listening to a podcast while on the treadmill.

V Series Cardio- Designed for the exerciser 5

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