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Hammer Strength Marked Its 30th Year at the NFL Combine

Nobody does the NFL Scouting Combine quite like Hammer Strength.

At the NFL Scouting Combine thirty years ago, Tom Proffitt hauled several pieces of Hammer Strength equipment up the escalator of the Indianapolis Hyatt. A room in the hotel, across the street from the Hoosier Dome, was the perfect place for Proffitt to show Hammer Strength to the NFL coaches who were there.

“There was no way to get to NFL coaches other than to see them individually,” said Proffitt. “I didn’t have the capability of a traveling road show taking Hammer Strength equipment to 30 teams. It was a matter of common sense to find out where coaches would all be together. I paid 50 bucks a day to rent a room. Coaches were able to try the equipment. Hammer Strength speaks for itself. If not, they wouldn’t have given me the time of day.”

Proffitt and Hammer Strength have both been staples at the Combine ever since. Proffitt was back at it in 2022 at the Westin near Lucas Oil Stadium. Fellow Hammer Strength reps Lon Record, Craig Arididon, Jeremy Wilson and Chris Dantzler also made the trip in early March, as did Blair Prince from Advanced Exercise. The group brought a slew of equipment including an HD Elite Half Rack, the new HD Performance Trainers, and a ton of accessories. They were also able to get feedback on the new Hammer Strength Belt Squat and Glute Drive.

Prospective NFL players come to the combine to show off their skills. Hammer Strength comes to the combine to show off the latest in strength training equipment.

“I tried the Hammer Strength Belt Squat at the NFL combine and found it to be a great option for squatting,” said Dale Jones, an assistant strength and conditioning coach with the Cleveland Browns. “I did not feel any discomfort in my back, hips, or knees when using it. Attaching bands for added resistance was easy as well. Overall, it was another great piece of Hammer Strength equipment.”

Hammer Strength equipment wasn’t all that was on display in the room. Perch CEO Jacob Rothman was in attendance with Jake Santora, highlighting their innovative Velocity Based Training. Founder Eric Kaye and Seth Forman from Kayezen VECTOR were also there, showing off their cable resistance training tools.

Proffitt and the rest of the Hammer Strength experts understand just how important it is to offer hands-on interactions to NFL strength and conditioning coaches. That’s the best way to appreciate the rugged durability and effectiveness from the company that’s become a strength training legend. Hammer Strength has been a fixture at the NFL Combine and will continue to be one for as long as 40-yard dash times and shuttle runs are being measured.