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Frequently Asked Questions

Life Fitness On Demand Premium membership available in the US only. More availability by country is coming soon.

1. What are Life Fitness™ On Demand classes?

Life Fitness On Demand is a library of on-demand cardio classes, available exclusively on Discover SE3 HD and Cybex 70T premium consoles. These classes are motivational, instructor-guided programs filmed in a studio setting. Classes range in length from 10 minutes to 40 minutes and offer a wide variety of programming styles for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced exerciser. Exercisers can listen to energizing popular songs while working out with some of the most elite fitness instructors in the industry. Our classes are designed to be invigorating, engaging, and accessible. Streaming these on-demand classes requires the cardio equipment to be connected to the internet.

2.  What is the difference between standard and premium memberships?

Standard membership comes complementary with all Life Fitness Discover SE3 HD or only Discover SE3 HD and Cybex 70T consoles. This requires the facility to connect to the internet and enable the classes via Halo or on console for SE3 HD consoles and on console for Cybex 70T consoles. Premium membership is a growing library of premium on-demand classes across all connected Life Fitness SE3 HD and Cybex 70T consoles. Future enhancements allow facilities to stay relevant to their members by being able to personalize and customize their content with their own videos, branding and instructors. *Subscription purchased via Halo or your sales representative.

3. What consoles include the Life Fitness On Demand library of content?

The library of Life Fitness On Demand classes is available on Discover SE3 HD and Cybex 70T consoles (both installed units as well as new purchases). 

4. What types of equipment have on-demand classes?

Life Fitness On Demand classes are featured on Life Fitness cardio equipment with connected Discover SE3 HD consoles (including treadmills, ellipticals, Arc Trainers, PowerMill Climbers, upright bikes and recumbent bikes) as well as Cybex cardio equipment with connected Cybex 70T consoles (including treadmills, Arc Trainers, upright bikes and recumbent bikes).

5. How do I enable the standard class library on my Discover SE3 HD consoles?

The class library can be enabled either via the System Options menu on each console or on Halo Fitness Cloud. Discover SE3 HD consoles are shipped from the Life Fitness factory with Life Fitness On Demand classes set to default "off." As a result, operators must choose to opt-in to allow exercisers to experience these classes.

Please refer to Life Fitness On Demand: Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to activate Life Fitness On Demand.

6. How do I enable the standard class library on my Cybex 70T consoles?

The class library can only be enabled via the System Options menu on each Cybex 70T console. Each console is shipped from the factory with Life Fitness On Demand classes set to default "off." Operators need to choose to opt-in to allow exercisers to experience on-demand classes.

Please refer to Life Fitness On Demand: Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to activate Life Fitness On Demand.

7. How do I connect my Discover SE3 HD and Cybex 70T consoles to the internet?

Please see the Life Fitness On Demand: Getting Started Guide for further details on connectivity requirements. At minimum, Life Fitness On Demand requires 2.5 to 5 Mbps of bandwidth per unit.

8. How do I get access to Life Fitness On Demand Premium Membership?

You can subscribe via Halo or your sales representative.

9. What happens if my internet connection is not strong or reliable?

Life Fitness On Demand classes require strong and reliable internet connectivity for optimal functioning. We recommend a minimum of 2.5 Mbps of internet bandwidth per unit. The video may lag or blur in a low bandwidth environment. If the internet connection cuts out during a class, it will continue uninterrupted for approximately 10 seconds while the machine attempts to reconnect to the internet network. If the internet network is fully dropped, a message notifies the exerciser that the video cannot be played due to internet connectivity issues. In the event of internet connectivity loss, workouts may be completed without the machine stopping.

10. Is there a cost or subscription required to access Life Fitness On Demand?

Access to the standard on-demand video library is included with the purchase of any Discover SE3 HD and Cybex 70T console. Life Fitness On Demand Premium membership gives your facility access to an expanding library to keep workouts fresh and exciting for your exercises. Premium membership is a yearly subscription that can be purchased via Halo or with your sales representative.

11. Where can I watch Life Fitness On Demand classes?

Life Fitness On Demand standard classes can be accessed exclusively on Discover SE3 HD and Cybex 70T consoles in a fitness facility. 

12. Is there a login process to access the on-demand classes?

No, there is no login required to view and access Life Fitness On Demand classes.

13. Will my cardio equipment require any additional service as a result of offering these new on-demand classes?

No, this is a simple software update which can be done remotely. If your cardio equipment is set up for automatic software updates you will receive the latest and greatest software at launch. If your equipment is not set up for automatic updates, you can check for and enable the new update via manager’s configuration on each console or using Halo Fitness Cloud.

14. Is there anything else I need to do for these classes to be the best experience for my exercisers?

We recommend restarting your cardio equipment daily for optimal computer processing. Like any computer, sometimes our consoles can slow down after being powered on for too long. You can set up your machines to automatically reboot every night in each machine’s System Options menu. Enter the System Options menu and go to Manager > Configuration > scroll to "Nightly Reboot" and enable. If you run a 24-hour facility, when Nightly Reboot is enabled the console will detect the specific time of day when it receives the least use and implement the daily reboot then. Learn how to set this up in the Life Fitness On Demand: Getting Started Guide. If you experience video blurriness or choppy audio, we recommend rebooting the machine. If the problem continues, please check your internet connection.

Audio FAQ

1.What kind of headphones do I need to listen to the on-demand classes?

Bluetooth® or wired headphones can be used to listen to the classes. Exercisers should connect their headphones before beginning a class. When an exerciser selects a class, a button appears on the course description page prompting them to pair their headphones if they have not already done so. Exercisers should follow the prompts on-screen to connect their wireless headphones. Please note that in order to pair Apple® AirPods® with any Bluetooth device, including our consoles, the AirPods must be in their charging case. If an exerciser has NFC-enabled headphones, they can simply tap their NFC headphones on the NFC logo at the bottom of the console screen, which will automatically activate the pairing process.

2. Why won’t my Bluetooth® device connect, or why won’t my wired headphones work?

For Bluetooth device pairing, please follow the prompts onscreen. Check to see if your headphones need to be unpaired first from another device, like your cellphone. If you experience audio issues with wired headphones, check first to see that the headphones are properly connected in the headphone jack. Any problems with wired headphones can almost always be solved by ensuring that the jack is properly connected and adjusted until the user hears crisp audio.

3. What type of music is available?

Our on-demand classes feature top popular songs, including current hits from some of the biggest recording artists. Exercisers have the option to choose between a variety of music genres. We partner with a music streaming service to provide the latest and greatest music overlaid in our classes. This means that Life Fitness On Demand classes stay fresh: exercisers who retake the same class over and over again will never hear the same music twice! We learned from exerciser research that exercisers wanted the music to stay current and engaging, so we play energizing songs from a carefully curated and regularly refreshed music library.