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Combat Ready

Military Fitness Equipment

Life Fitness has a long-standing partnership with the military. We provide fitness equipment for military bases and facilities around the world, including for use in gyms, barracks and other fitness centers.

More than a partnership

One of the main sources of pride for Life Fitness is contributing to the overall physical fitness and wellbeing of military personnel. This aligns with our mission to inspire healthier lives for people around the world.

Quality and Durability

Maintaining Physical Fitness in Demanding Environments

Military personnel rely on their equipment to be able to withstand the rigors of training and operations. This means prioritizing equipment that is made from high-quality materials and, as a result, can withstand heavy use.


Maximizing Workout Potential

The Importance of Flexible Fitness Equipment

Military facilities have specific needs or requirements when it comes to fitness equipment. Our equipment is designed to accommodate exercisers of different ability levels and needs. It also allows for a variety of different training techniques and modalities.


Maximize your space

Convert underutilized spaces

If you're facing limited space, we have the solution. Make the most of underutilized areas on base by converting them into functional fitness spaces, maximizing your facility's resources and offering service members opportunities for physical and mental wellness. The example shown was converted from a racquetball court.



Ensuring the Health and Well-Being of Our Service Members

The design of your facility plays a crucial role in determining the overall exercise experience. That's why our team of experts works in close collaboration with you to create an appealing, efficient and invigorating space that caters to the needs of your members. By going beyond just selecting fitness equipment, you'll have access to the design expertise needed to unlock the full potential of your space.

Get Inspired.

Military Facility Showcase