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About Tatum Human Performance (THP)


THP has grown and flourished in the original Scottsdale location, and moved into sites like Ignite, and the massive Legacy Sports facility. The brand is associated with many successful, high-level athletes, colleges and professionals. THP is unique in that they deploy screening and exercise prescription, analytics, and re-testing, to be sure they net the desired results.




Square feet

3,000 & 25,000

THP - Racks (1)

Hammer Strength helps to grow

The Challenge

THP trains out of more than one site, and needed high-performance equipment they can rely on. Hammer Strength products are the heart of the THP system. They are durable, robust and high quality and build the basis to offer elite athletes proper kinematics, safety, and long-term results.

THP - Coaching Scene - Hip Thrust

Hammer Strength adapts to the needs

The Mission

THP focuses on sports science and the latest technology to get deeper insights to create an actionable training plan. Always measuring success by looking at outcomes there are various pillars they build on their commitment:

• Power & Strength

• Speed & Endurance

• Testing & Software data stations

• Recovery and medical attention

• Nutrition

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Hammer Strength unlocks the potential

The Offering

As an Official Hammer Strength Training Center equipped with multiple Hammer Strength Racks, Glute Hams, Benches and Accessories, THP created an exceptional training atmosphere for a broad range of users from young athletes to professionals. No matter if personal training, group training or coach education, optimal performance is the goal.

across all sports

unlocking human potential

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What makes Hammer Strength unique is that it meets exactly the standards and needs of our athletes."

- Spencer Tatum, THP Founder and Performance Director

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