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About Titleist Performance Institute


The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) started out as a golf performance facility but it quickly became one of the top sport science centers in the world. Utilizing advanced equipment fitting methods, detailed swing analysis, and science-based player conditioning, they assist athletes across sports like golf, baseball, tennis, football and hockey.

Today they are a world-class sports development research entity, and a certification company for fitness, medical, golf, junior and power professionals. They boast 26,000 certifications in these disciplines globally.
TPI - Room Scene

Common goals

How it started

Before our collaboration, TPI had amassed a variety of equipment to use while treating their clients. We offered to empty the TPI Gym and to revamp it with cutting edge products that allowed them to remove training barriers for their exercisers. With the new machines and solutions they could follow their mission: assist and repair injured athletes, develop athletes to return them to play, or improve performance in a given sport.


reach and impact hundreds of thousands of people

The Offering

TPI is unique in that they are the only ones that have the time invested in collecting data over two decades from high level athletes, and use science and research to lead them to the solutions they offer. They are committed to learning and education, and pride themselves on being able to assist athletes of all kinds achieve their goals - whether they are amateur or professional athletes, fitness trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and various coaches across a wide range of sporting disciplines.



The Equipment

One of the training centerpieces is the SYNRGY360XM with a dedicated training space for functional training. Together with some well-selected cardio pieces like the PowerMill and group training solutions with rowers and indoor bikes from ICG, TPI can offer HIIT training as well. Cable Motion Stations are definitely an anchor piece featured in nearly all sites that serve the golf clientele.

Fitness meets golf



Almost 20 years now we've been working together with Life Fitness. When we first started we sat down with the team of experts and we said "Let's talk about what golfers really need." Then all together, the golf experts and the fitness experts, built the dream and it's incredible ever since."

- Dr. Greg Rose, Co-Founder TPI

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