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A gym that members look forward to visiting

The global Anytime Fitness franchise comprises nearly 5,000 health and fitness clubs in 50 countries and was founded in 2002. The Kittanning, Pennsylvania, location opened in 2022 and operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Anytime Fitness Kittanning - Racks (2)

The Challenge

Creating a Place Members Want to Visit

Anytime Kittanning wants members to think of its facility as a third place — outside of home and work — where they can find positive community support. Additionally, Anytime Kittanning wanted to maximize its 5,800-sq. ft. footprint by incorporating spaces for multifunctional workouts and small group functional training, which they find is the best way to generate positive results for members.

Anytime Fitness Kittanning - Insignia (2)

The Process

Building Community Spaces into the Facility

Operating a 24/7 fitness club requires durable equipment that requires as little maintenance as possible. Anytime Kittanning’s owner had worked with Life Fitness equipment in previous clubs for more than a decade and trusted the brand to deliver high quality, good-looking equipment that could reliably serve the facility’s 600 users. The facility managers also were able to leverage Life Fitness’ expertise building out custom functional spaces for multi-training purposes. The two teams collaborated on maximizing the facility’s traditional and functional workout space.

Creating a welcoming, community-focused space

Focus on Member Engagement

Anytime Fitness Kittanning - Strength Area (2)

We've had Life Fitness equipment in our clubs for 10 years. We've been extremely pleased with its durability. We love the aesthetics of the equipment. It looks great and performances very well. 

Matthew McCool - Club Owner
Anytime Fitness Kittanning - Multi Jungle

The Solution

Engaging Members

Using three strategies, Anytime Kittanning was able to build a community-focused facility and increase membership in partnership with Life Fitness..

1. Equipment variety. The Integrity SL, Hammer Strength PL, Insignia, ICG, Axiom and S180 equipment provided by Life Fitness keeps things new and exciting for members involved in group functional training programs as well as those using the gym individually. Life Fitness also collaborated with the Anytime Kittanning team to custom-build equipment like rigs to fit the facility’s unique needs.

2. Small group functional training program. The small group functional training program provides a social element to membership that engages and encourages them to keep showing up. The workouts take place in a centralized functional fitness area as well as along the perimeter of the facility on its ‘purple turf.’ The variety of Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and ICG equipment and accessories available give trainers an endless combination of ways to engage exercisers.

3. Community-focused activities. Anytime Kittanning is just as community-focused outside the gym. They regularly participate in Kittanning community and charity events. This reinforces members’ view that Anytime Kittanning is more than a gym, it’s an essential part of the community.

Anytime Fitness Kittanning - Dumbells (1)

The Result

Anytime Kittanning is anything but ‘cookie cutter.’ The facility’s high-quality equipment and community-centric approach helps members achieve positive fitness results, and its thoughtful approach to member engagement keeps them coming back for more.

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