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Don't Underestimate The Importance Of Health Club Layout

Having the right equipment in a fitness facility is extremely important, but it’s far from the only consideration. A thoughtful facility layout goes a long way to creating an inviting exerciser experience. A purposeful layout and good flow are not only welcoming to existing members, they also assist your presentations during facility tours for new and prospective members. 

Keep in mind a few key factors when considering your layout.

  • Divide your club into separate training areas and be creative with how the layout of these areas is designed. Use visual walkways, colors, and unique flooring to do so. Don't be afraid to use complementing colors on various equipment types. Different style flooring or colored turf can also easily help to signify different training areas.
  • Turn to digital technology for help. Today’s cardio equipment can be easily connected to the internet. Platforms like Halo Fitness Cloud provide detailed insights about your connected cardio equipment like what exact pieces of equipment are the most popular and which cardio units are barely being used. You can use this information to shift equipment around, change your layout and ensure that your most popular machines are in the right place.
  • Keep in mind equipment progression. For example, in your cross-trainer cardio line, your progressions could be standard elliptical, Cybex arc trainer, FlexStrider. This puts the progression from left to right, like a book, and simplifies cardio decision making for a member based on the type of workout they’re looking for. Another example—single stack selectorized, MTS, plate loaded, free weights. This offers beginner to experienced strength training in an easy-to-understand progression.
  • Keep your group training areas visible without sacrificing privacy. For example, try to segregate these areas with a railing, glass wall or other barrier. This provides members participating in a group training class with an exclusive training session but also keeps your marketing working for you in the form of visible intense small group training/HIIT.
  • Keep your most impressive equipment near the back of your club yet as visible as possible from the main entrance.  This draws a sense of curiosity to training equipment like a SYNRGY360 functional training system or an HD Athletic Rig. It also encourages members to navigate through the facility to check it out.

Life Fitness has a team of talented layout specialists on-hand to help fitness facilities turn their design ideas into realities.
We also offer the Life Fitness Room Planner, an interactive tool that gives you the chance to plan your facility before any equipment has even been ordered. 

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