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This Energizing Hotel Fitness Pop-up Appealed To This Road Warrior Trainer

Susane Pata is a Life Fitness Global Master Instructor. She designed TRX’s first-ever group fitness program and conducts TRX education courses for fitness pros. During the week, when she’s not traveling for master trainings, she teaches group fitness classes at several premium facilities in Manhattan.

I am a fitness Master Instructor. I am a road warrior.


I travel around the world to educate aspiring fitness professionals, fitness veterans, healthcare professionals and even the military. I guide them on how to train safely and effectively using a variety of unique quality fitness equipment all in the name of better movement and fitness, and I train them on how to share this knowledge with their clients.

But here’s the irony… while I am advocating for a higher level of fitness all around the world, I find myself working extra hard for it on my end. Road warriors don’t often get enough sleep, or eat as well as they would like to, or get in the kinds of workouts they’d like.

Sure, there are lots of ways to alleviate road travel strain. But it’s so much nicer when you don’t have to work so hard to find this balance. So, what could possibly bring this about?

Well, what if three great brands came together and created a solution? And what if these three brands were the Refinery Hotel, Aaptiv and Life Fitness? A pilot partnership created between the three in January of 2019 garnered a unique way for travelers to keep fit on the road… starting in New York City.

The Refinery Hotel (63 W. 38th) has a hospitable hotel staff with gorgeous interiors that beckon you to pull out your phone for a photo just so you can remember it later. They prepare food that relies on “high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients to produce balanced, approachable dishes,” and offer spacious comfy rooms for rest and relaxation with an edgy noir feel.

The Refinery created a room exclusive for fitness training. Guests can book this training room for a solo workout or a workout with a partner. And it’s free!


As soon as I checked in at the front desk and the friendly hotel staff unlocked the pop-up gym door, I kicked off my winter gear and scanned the room. The lighting was fun and the messages scribed on banners were short and powerful. They even provided water, towels, RXBars and apples. I was ready to work out!

Aaptiv is a fitness app that has been getting excellent reviews. The app is like having personal trainer whenever you want one (unlimited access and free while at the hotel). Aaptiv offers thousands of audio-guided workouts for treadmills, cardio machines, outdoor running, strength training, yoga, meditation and more. And it’s all set to popular and energizing music. Using Aaptiv can help you stay fit and feel your best during your stay at the Refinery Hotel with fitness classes led by expert personal trainers.

The room was equipped with some of the most popular cardio machines and there was a large floor space to do bodyweight workouts or dumbbell workouts.  All you have to do is open up the app, select your workout and get to work. Aaptiv instructors guide you through some really cool and innovative exercises using not much more than dumbbells in some cases, while still getting a great total body workout, which is just what I was looking to do.

Life Fitness creates fitness solutions that are high caliber. Some of the equipment at the Refinery Hotel pop-up gym included a treadmill with great shock absorption qualities, an elliptical cross-trainer, and the ever-amazing ICG indoor cycle with German engineering designed to keep your rides smooth, yet challenging and honest.

I warmed up on the treadmill before doing a little dumbbell and bodyweight training workout. Then I switched gears. I just love the ICG bike and had a little cardio session on it. For any traveling athletes that know about FTP, you can input yours on the bike and get a really true-to-fitness-level workout. But you don’t have to get too data-heavy to enjoy a workout on this bike… just hop on, input some general information and you can still enjoy a smooth yet challenging ride.

After about an hour of training, I worked up an appetite and was ready to call it quits. As I was heading out, I could see the next person checking in with a buddy for a workout. My hope is that the goodness these three brands started spreads, around the country, and perhaps around the world.

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