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The Extensive Steps That One Chicago Studio Took To Reopen


For more than 30 years, Jim Karas has been a well-known fitness guru in Chicago. He owns a pair of fitness studios and a spa, he’s a best-selling author, he’s made a number of television appearances and he’s helped celebrities get in shape. It’s safe to say that Karas has seen a lot when it comes to the fitness industry.

But he’s never seen anything like COVID-19.

“Nothing has come close to the challenge of this pandemic and how it has really flipped our industry in a whole new direction,” explained Karas.

Karas reopened on June 3, but it was far from an overnight process. He removed walls, allowed for more workout space and implemented several sanitation procedures to ensure a safe workout environment.

“A ton of thought (went into reopening),” he said. “Before we were shut down we started research in anticipation of the shutdown. We reached out to experts, doctors, industrial cleaning companies, you name it. We did do a ton of preparation in advance and had good ongoing communication with staff and clients. They all expressed that they appreciated the thought and concern we showed for their health and safety.”

Take a tour of one of Jim's fitness facilities in Chicago to see the thought and planning that went into reopening.

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